Myotherapists treat people from all walks of life ...

for a wide range of conditions including sports and other injuries, chronic pain, problems arising posture. We uncover the cause of pain and limitation and through treatment and education, assist clients to achieve optimal physical health.

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For people who run .. or would like to ..

It's always easier to run (or walk) if niggling pain and tightness has been taken care of first. As many marathon runners and triathletes will attest, sorting out muscle pain and imbalances is an important first step to that elusive finish line.

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For pregnant women and new mums

... pregnancy-specific massage and soft-tissue treatments can prevent or minimise many of the common aches and pains associated with pregnancy and looking after a new baby.

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For singers and others who rely on voice quality

... specialised soft-tissue treatments to address tightness in the neck and jaw, important for pitch and projection

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For wrist and forearm pain

Not just a problem for computer users, but also an issue for visual artists, trades people, rock-climbers and musicians among others. Often preventable and generally responds well to treatment.

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For people with knee pain

... common causes that we regularly see at Mosaic include not only acute injuries and arthritis but also muscle imbalances and problems arising in the hip and/or ankle.

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For people with elbow pain

Common elbow conditions that we see regularly include tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis), golfer's elbow (medial epicondylitis) and bursitis.

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For people with neck pain

The trapezius muscle (shown here) is one of main culprits for neck and shoulder pain, and for headaches too. Treatment gives fast relief; addressing associated postural and movement issues helps prevent recurrence.

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For people with headaches

A large proportion of headaches are due to referred pain from the muscles of the neck, shoulder and/or jaw. While pain-killers can help dull the pain, treating the cause and addressing any associated postural issues generally provides a longer-lasting solution.

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Myofascial Dry Needling

One the many highly-effective treatment techniques we use to address musculoskeletal pain and limitation

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Excellence-focused assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskletal pain

What is Myotherapy?

Myotherapy is a form of manual medicine, Elbow Treatmentlike physiotherapy, osteopathy and exercise physiology, which treats pain and limitation arising from injury, disability or lifestyle factors. Myotherapists focus primarily on the connective tissue (eg fascia,muscles and ligaments).
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About our logo

Mosaic Myotherapy’s ’3-tile’ logo was developed Mosaic Myotherapy Diamond Logospecifically to represent the work we do. The orange diamond, represents the body’s connective tissues which wrap around and support the structure. Our middle blue diamond represents the body’s skeletal structure. The grey diamond represents the outside world, the ground we walk on, the activities we do and the environment we occupy.
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I had been getting pain and locking in my hands for a long time. After only two treatments the problem was completely fixed. I’m now able to continue with my paddle-boarding and other sports without limitation. Superb service and attention to detail. Highly recommended.
Paul G, St Kilda
With two years of ongoing knee trouble that prevented any regular commitment to jogging, I’d given up and put it down to an aging body. Elaine identified a trigger point in my vastus medialis and after treatment, I returned to regular exercise again and even ran in a Fun Run without any pain.
Richard S, Ashburton

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